24 Hour In-Home Care for the ones you love


Signs Your Senior Needs 24-Hour Care


You know your loved one better than anyone, so you will be able to spot any “abnormal” behaviors easier than strangers would. But it is still helpful to know some of the red flags that indicate your senior’s need for 24 Hour Home Care.

Epsilon Home Based Quality Care is here to talk about them. So sit back, relax, and grab a pencil.

  • Stacks of unorganized letters and unpaid bills
    These can be a sign that your loved one is unable to deal with them cognitively, physically, or emotionally. What you can do is to help him or her in more complicated letters or enlist the help of a Home Health Care in Georgia.
  • Frequent car accidents and traffic violations
    It’s normal to get a ticket or two. Most of us have them, but if your senior’s car is suddenly riddled with dents and tickets, this could indicate cognitive, seeing, and hearing problems. Good thing, Home Care Services in Snellville, Georgia are available to handle driving for your loved one.
  • Changes in appearance and hygiene
    These are one of the easiest signs to spot. If your seniors have been wearing the same dirty clothes, have a mountain of laundry, or are suddenly losing a lot of weight, they may not be capable of caring for themselves. These put them in danger of malnourishment and illnesses. A caregiver can handle all of the house chores while also ensuring that your senior is eating right.

Interested in Elderly Homecare? Don’t hesitate to give us a call. Just dial 770-685-7739 or 770-852-8699 to get in touch.

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